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In detail, what are the pros and cons of globalization?

Some of the pros of globalization are that it encourages free trade, lifts poor people and nations out of poverty, and facilitates the spread of information and technology. Nevertheless, there are also some downsides to globalization, which include workers in developed countries losing out to their counterparts in the developing world and more power getting put in the hands of multinational corporations instead of the workers.

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Here are some pros of globalization:

It encourages free trade, thus making goods and services more widely available at a lower price. Consumers benefit from this as they are saving money on items that would otherwise cost a lot more. Businesses benefit by having access to a bigger market for the goods and services they provide.

It lifts people out of poverty. Thanks largely to globalization, increased job opportunities have been created in countries traditionally asset-poor but labor-rich developing countries such as India, which has seen its poverty levels fall dramatically in the last two decades.

It facilitates the spread of information and technology across the globe. As well as goods and services, information and technology are spread more quickly across...

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