In Daughters, what city does Ursa live in?

In Daughters, Ursa Mackenzie lives in New York City (Manhattan to be exact), though she grew up on the Caribbean island of Triunion and returns there over the course of the novel.

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In Paule Marshall's novel Daughters, Ursa Beatrice Mackenzie lives in New York City, specifically in Manhattan. Ursa is the daughter of Primus Mackenzie, a political leader on the Caribbean island of Triunion, and Estelle Harrison Mackenzie, a former teacher from Connecticut, who moved to Triunion when she married Primus. Ursa spent her first fourteen years on the island.

Now in New York City, Ursa is pursuing a freelance career in political research while trying to finish a second master's degree. She is stuck in a rut, and she is even highly dissatisfied with her current relationship with Lowell Carruthers.

In the midst of all this angst, Estelle calls Ursa to come back to Triunion. Primus is struggling politically as he runs for prime minister, for he is opposed by corrupt opponents on Triunion and by their wealthy American supporters. Primus agrees to a resort development in order to further his political cause, but this would not help his country one bit. It would bring no jobs (for workers would be imported) and no economic improvements for the people. Wealthy tourists would even have their own private roads so they wouldn't have to look at the people of Triunion at all.

Ursa finds herself in a position of actually having to set her father up to lose the election to prevent him from falling into the network of corruption and betraying his people.

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