In Circe, what is the significance of Penelope using Circe's loom? Why does Penelope want to learn witchcraft, and why does Circe trust her with her herbs and potions?

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The relationship between Circe and Penelope develops into one of understanding and trust. When Circe first shows Penelope her complicated loom, she observes that Penelope “seemed to absorb the loom’s workings by touch alone.” Penelope first sits at the loom after she and Circe have a frank and intimate discussion about their shared history and experiences of cruelty at the hands of others, and Circe learns about the events leading to Penelope being shipwrecked on Aiaia. If “weaving at another woman’s loom is like lying with her husband,” then Circe has effectively shared her bed with Penelope. Sharing a loom...

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