In Cinder, what are the rumors about the prince and the upcoming ball?      

The rumors are that the prince will look for a bride at the upcoming ball and that he is slated to marry Queen Levana, the ruler of the Lunars. There are also a number of rumors surrounding the violent life of Queen Levana.

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In Cinder, Peony and Cinder talk about the upcoming ball at the palace. Peony mentions the rumor about Prince Kai looking for a bride at the ball and about the possibility of Prince Kai marrying Queen Levana. To back up her claims, Peony says that Sybil Mira, Queen Levana's ambassador, is staying at the palace to broker a deal between the Lunars and Prince Kai's father.

For her part, Cinder scoffs at the rumors of Prince Kai marrying Queen Levana. After all, the Lunars are a mercenary race. They thrive on violence and rely on mind control to advance their hegemonic goals. To Cinder, Queen Levana embodies the worst of her race. Cinder believes that Prince Kai would never marry the unscrupulous Queen.

Rumor has it that Queen Levana murdered her older sister, Queen Channary, in order to wrest power from her. Not content with that, she also had her own husband murdered so that she could make a more politically advantageous match. Another rumor states that Queen Levana had her 13-year-old step-daughter mutilate her face because the latter was more beautiful than her.

Queen Levana is said to have also murdered her niece, Princess Selena. Queen Levana felt threatened by Princess Selena's claim to the throne. Rumor has it that Queen Levana arranged for Selena (then three years old) to die in a fire. Some people say that Princess Selena survived the attempt on her life and waits in the shadows for the right time to reclaim her crown. The rumors abound because Selena's body was never found.

Cinder dismisses these rumors but later discovers that she's more intimately connected to Queen Levana than she realized.

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