In Chronicle of a Death Foretold, what is the role of the minor female characters such as Placida, Margot, etc., in Santiago's life (not death)?

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In Chronicle of a Death Foretold, the women characters highlight the framework of life and the story's setting; thus, they highlight Santiago's experiences prior to his death. The novella takes place in a small town on the Colombian coast midway through the twentieth century, and the overall cultural norms of Colombia and Latin America dictate life. Roman Catholicism is imbued in every aspect of the culture, a fact underscored by the imminent arrival of the bishop on the day of Santiago's murder.

The female characters personify certain aspects of the cultural expectations and practicalities that frame the plot of the book. Take, for instance, Santiago’s mother, Plácida Linero: a strong and loving woman whose moral conviction remains unwavering despite the moral looseness of her husband and son. She married Ibrahim Nasar out of duty and practicality, rather than love, and upheld the morality of their household in spite of her husband’s love for guns, infidelity, and hedonism. She...

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