Charlotte's Web

by E. B. White

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In Charlotte's Web, when Mr. Arable wanted to sell Wilbur, what did Mrs. Arable suggest Fern do?

Expert Answers

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Mrs. Arable suggests calling Homer Zuckerman to see if Wilbur can live on his farm.

Fern is clearly upset at the idea of losing Wilbur. She raised him from when he was a piglet and doesn't want to see him sold somewhere where she can't see him anymore. When her father points out that he's five weeks old and needs to go, Fern weeps. The Zuckermans are related to the Arables; Homer is Fern's uncle. Mrs. Arable tells Fern that if Wilbur goes to live there, she'll be able to walk to the farm and see him as often as she wants.

Since Wilbur is a runt, Mr. Arable offers Wilbur to Homer for $6. Homer accepts the offer and Wilbur goes to live with the Zuckerman family.

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