In chapters 6–12 in Ender's Game, what challenges does Ender face? What strategies does he use to overcome the challenges?

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Chapters 6–12 in Ender’s Game follow Ender’s time being transferred between armies and being unwanted by those around him. Initially placed in Bonzo Madrid’s army, he is relegated to the back of the group because Bonzo has a very specific method and doesn’t want Ender messing anything up. However, because of his intellect, Ender observes a moment when his intervention would help the team, and he goes ahead and does it. However, this angers Bonzo because it was insubordinate, in spite of it helping them achieve victory.

Ender is shunted from team to team during this period. Bonzo gets increasingly angrier with him, and Ender starts practicing hand-to-hand combat in case it becomes violent. When Ender has...

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