Secession and Civil War Questions and Answers

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In chapters 14 and 15 of America: Past and Present Volume 1 by Robert Divine, could anything have been done to resolve the issues of the sectional crisis of the 1850s? Explain.

These chapters paint a picture of rising sectionalism and tensions over the course of the 1850s. Neither Northerners nor Southerners trusted the other not to try to get the upper hand. Given this lack of trust, it seems very unlikely that anything could have resolved the issues of the time.

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This textbook does not explicitly say if anything could actually have been done to heal the sectionalism that was plaguing the United States in the 1850s. There were numerous attempts to mollify the free-soilers and pro-slavers in the country. The Compromise of 1850 for instance attempted to preserve the delicate balance of slave states and free states in the country. However, each side felt that the other was constantly trying to attack their way of life and get the upper-hand. This...

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