In chapter two of Lord of the Flies, how does Jack treat Piggy, and what effect does it have?

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Jack does not respect Piggy, and he shows it through his words and actions.  In chapter two, when the boys decide to light a fire to attract ships with the smoke, they have no way of lighting the fire. Jack grabs Piggy's glasses off his face, leaving Piggy panicked and with blurred sight, to start the fire.  Piggy thinks the fire is a bad idea.  He says,

".......We couldn't keep a fire like that going, not if we tried." (pg 42)

Jack gets angy and responds,

"A fat lot you tried......You just sat..." (pg 42)

This gets a defensive reaction from Piggy.  He gets angry and demands that they show him the respect they show everyone when they have the conch.  But Jack tells him bluntly,

"The conch doesn't count on top of the you shut up." (pg 42)

Piggy again insists that they listen to him because he has the conch.  Jack again tells him to shut up.  At this point in time, the author tells us,

"Piggy wilted." (pg 42)

Ralph then announces that they need a group a people to take care of the fire, and from now on wherever the conch is, that is where the meeting is --- whether on top of the mountain or on the bottom.  Everyone agrees.  But Piggy is still intimidated by Jack.

"Piggy opened his mouth to say something, caught Jack's eye and shut it again. " (pg42)

The boys plan how they are going to monitor the fire and watch for ships.  Suddenly Piggy gets very angry.

"You said you wanted a small fire and you been and built a pile like a hayrick.  If I say anything," cried Piggy with bitter realism, "you say shut up; but if Jack or Maurice or Simon ---" (pg 43)

The fire goes out of control, and Piggy is the first to notice.  He says,

"There ain't nothing we can do.  We ought to be more careful.  I'm scared....." (pg 45)

Jack yells back at him.

"You're always scared.  Yah ---- Fatty!" (pg 45)

Again intimidated by Jack, Piggy turns to Ralph for reassurance that he has the conch and has the right to speak. Piggy then tells them that they should build shelters, that they should listen to what Ralph tells them and not go running off, and that they don't even know how many little kids they have on the island so they can keep track of them.

Jack again responds with "Shut up" (pg 46)

Piggy doesn't react to Jack's comment because at that moment they realize that the boy with the mark on is face, the one who told of  the monster, has disappeared. 

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