Frindle Questions and Answers
by Andrew Clements

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In chapter 9, why is Mrs. Allen's reaction to the meeting surprising?

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Mrs. Allen's reaction to the meeting between Mrs. Chatham (the principal of Lincoln Elementary), Nick, Mr. Allen, and herself is surprising because Mrs. Allen takes Nick's side. Mrs. Allen says that Mrs. Granger and the school are overreacting to Nick's use of the word "frindle" and his supposed disrespect for authority. Her reaction is surprising because, rather than siding with the other adults, she is siding with her child. This is especially surprising because Nick's parents can be strict—for example, they have a rule that their children must finish all homework before they can go outside to play. However, Mrs. Allen's reaction to the meeting shows that she does not think something is wrong just because it causes a disruption. Rather than automatically siding with the principal, she takes the matter into her own consideration.

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