In chapter 9 of One Crazy Summer, what does Delphine expect from Cecile? Why?

In chapter 9 of One Crazy Summer, Delphine expects Cecile to take her and her sisters down to the People's Center for breakfast. This is because, when all's said and done, Cecile is their mother, and this is the kind of thing that mothers should be doing. As it turns out, though, Cecile expects her daughters to go to the People's Center all by themselves.

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Much to Delphine's surprise, her mother, Cecile, tells her and her sisters that if they want some breakfast, they'll have to go down to the People's Center.

The People's Center is a hub of activity for the militant Black Panthers organization. As well as the political activities that go on there, it's also a place where people from the neighborhood can get something to eat. That's why Cecile has sent her daughters there.

But Delphine doesn't quite understand why she and her sisters have to go the People's Center alone. "You're not going to take us?" she asks Cecile. Despite everything that's happened, despite the fact that Cecile abandoned her daughters, Delphine still expects, at the very least, that their mother will take them to the People's Center.

Those expectations are soon dashed, however. Cecile has no intentions of going with her daughters. The People's Center isn't very far away, so her daughters should be able to find it without too much difficulty. So she gives them directions and sends them on their way.

This episode illustrates the fact that Cecile still doesn't have much of a bond with the daughters she abandoned and that she wants them out of the house as much as possible.

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