Frindle Questions and Answers
by Andrew Clements

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In chapter 8, what effect did the new rule have on the students?

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In chapter 8, Mrs. Granger introduces a new rule which says that any student "heard using the word frindle instead of the word pen will stay after school and write this sentence one hundred times: I am writing this punishment with a pen."

The students had started to use the word "frindle" repeatedly after Nick and his "secret agents" had told all of the fifth graders to say "frindle" instead of "cheese" when they were having their photographs taken. This made Mrs. Granger "furious."

The students respond to the new rule by simply wanting to say the word "frindle" even more; they even take pride in being kept behind after school when they are caught. Indeed, they think of it as "a badge of honor."

A few weeks later, one of Nick's friends, Pete, suggests that they should try to get every student in the fifth grade to ask Mrs. Granger, "Can I borrow a frindle?" That same day, almost eighty students follow through with Pete's idea and are consequently kept behind after school. The next day, "over two hundred kids" do likewise. At this point, the school principal decides to visit Nick's parents, and this is where the chapter ends.

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