In chapter 7 of Night by Elie Wiesel, describe the scene Elie witnesses between the father and son.

In chapter 7 of Night, Elie is in a crowded cattle car full of Jewish prisoners when the train stops in a German town. Several bystanders throw pieces of bread into the cattle car, and Elie witnesses the prisoners maul each other for the bread. Elie then watches an old man hide bread before he is attacked and killed by his own son. The son kills his father for the bread before several prisoners attack and kill him.

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In chapter 7, Elie, his father, and the other Jewish prisoners are completely exhausted and malnourished after marching from Buna to Gleiwitz. The Nazi officers then force the prisoners into tightly cramped cattle cars as they begin their treacherous journey to Buchenwald. During their journey, the train comes to a halt in an empty field, and the Nazi officers instruct the prisoners to throw out the dead bodies, which creates additional room in the cattle cars. Along the journey, Elie and the other prisoners survive by eating snow, and some freeze from exposure to the harsh elements. After days and nights of constant travel with no food or protection from the elements, the train comes to a stop at a small German town and a worker throws a piece of bread into the cattle car.

Elie recalls the horrifying spectacle and vividly describes the battle that ensues between the starving prisoners as they fight and maul each other for scraps of food. German spectators observe the commotion and...

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