In chapter 6, what happens to Bright Morning and Running Bird?

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In chapter 6, Bright Morning and Running Bird are tied together by the Spaniards to make sure that "there was no chance to escape." They are then taken to "a place where white people lived," where they are untied and led to a hut "among the trees." The Spaniards leave Bright Morning and Running Bird with an old woman inside the hut. The old woman offers them both a stew made from dog meat and then spreads a blanket on the floor for them to sleep on. Meanwhile, the old woman sleeps between them and the door, so that they can't escape during the night.

The next morning, the Spaniards return, and Bright Morning and Running Bird are separated. Running Bird is left in the hut while Bright Morning is taken towards the end of the street. Bright Morning sees an Indian girl "sweeping the earth in front of the gate," and the Indian girl glances at Bright Morning with an expression which seems to say:

Run, run, even though they will kill you. It is better to die here on the street.

Later in the story, we find out that the Spaniards are slave catchers. They have taken Bright Morning and Running Bird to sell into slavery.

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