The Great Gatsby Questions and Answers
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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In chapter 6 of The Great Gatsby, Nick tells Gatsby that he (Gatsby) can't recreate the past, and Gatsby replies that he can. How is Gatsby trying to recreate the past?

In chapter 6 of The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby is trying to "repeat the past" by attempting to pick up his relationship with Daisy Buchanan as though it hasn't been five years since they last saw one another. He hopes that she will confess her love to him and declare that she never loved her husband, acting as though nothing has changed. Unfortunately, it has.

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After the party Tom and Daisy attend at Gatsby's house, the Buchanans leave, and Gatsby expresses his fears that Daisy did not like the party and did not have a good time. Gatsby says that he "feel[s] far away from her" rather than emotionally close, as they once were, and he tells Nick that he's having a hard time "mak[ing] her understand." Presumably, he means that he's having a difficult time getting Daisy to understand...

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