The Outsiders Questions and Answers
by S. E. Hinton

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In chapter 4 of The Outsiders, the theme is friendship. List five things from this chapter that are part of the theme. 

The theme of friendship is demonstrated in chapter 4 of The Outsiders in several ways. One example occurs when Johnny saves Pony from drowning. Near the end of the chapter, Pony realizes that being separated from his friends is worse than being classified as a greaser.

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Johnny demonstrates a powerful friendship by using the ultimate force to save Pony's life. As Pony's head is held underwater, he thinks that he is going to drown for sure. Just as his mind begins to fill with "red haze" and he relaxes into certain death, Johnny kills the guy who was holding him under the water.

Dally demonstrates a willingness to help his friends in dire circumstances by taking in Pony and Johnny just after this death and coming up with a plan for their escape. He provides a gun and some money and then tells them where to hide out for a while to evade authorities. In his own way, Dally is trying to keep the boys safe.

There is also friendship in the physical closeness of these friends as they escape. Pony uses Johnny's legs as a pillow as he finds a momentary reprieve from the exhaustion they face. In this moment, it is clear that the two are close.

In another act of friendship, Johnny remains awake while Pony sleeps, sacrificing his own comfort so that his friend has a...

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