In chapter 15 of Great Expectations, where is Estella, and when does Miss Havisham invite Pip to return?

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In chapter 15, Pip anxiously visits Miss Havisham's home, and she initially believes that he has come to ask for more money. When Pip responds by saying that he simply wanted to thank her for her efforts regarding his apprenticeship, she lightens up and tells him to return every so often. Miss Havisham then instructs Pip to return once a year on his birthday.

Miss Havisham then accurately remarks that Pip has been looking for Estella. She proceeds to tell Pip that Estella is currently studying abroad. Miss Havisham then takes joy in asking if Pip feels like he has lost Estella forever. In chapter 29, Miss Havisham informs Pip that Estella has been studying in France.

After leaving Satis House without seeing Estella, Pip feels extremely dissatisfied with his current station in life and desperately desires to become a gentleman.

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