Frindle Questions and Answers
by Andrew Clements

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In chapter 12, why was Nick's father unhappy about the frindle story?

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I do not think it is entirely correct to say that Mr. Allen is completely unhappy with the frindle story and situation. He is proud of Nick and is genuinely amazed that his son invented a new word. Readers get this information early in chapter 12; however, the rest of chapter 12 focuses on how the frindle story moves beyond the immediate area. Nick goes from being a local celebrity to a national celebrity because a local reporter hears about the story and is able to get it elevated to the national stage. Nick's story is watched by millions of people on the CBS evening news, and that makes Bud Lawrence extremely happy because he has been trying to make money off of products that have the word "frindle" on them.

Orders start pouring in for his items, but he is legally obligated to cut the Allen family in on the profits. Mr. Allen is the family member that has to take care of the negotiations. He is shocked by the amount of money that is being made, but he is also growing weary of the entire situation. All of the attention and work that he is having to do is tiresome and takes him away from his job at the hardware store. The chapter ends with Mr. Allen wondering if things will ever get back to normal again. He hopes they do soon.

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