In chapter 11 of The Giver, what words or concepts did Jonas experience?

In chapter 11, Jonas experiences the memory of riding a sled down a snowy hill as well as the pleasant sensation of sunshine and the painful feeling of sunburn. During the memories, Jonas becomes acquainted with the words "snow," "sled," "hill," "runners," "sunshine," and "sunburn." He also learns about the concept of Sameness, which has completely eliminated snow, sunshine, and hills from their community.

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At the end of chapter 10, the Giver tries using a simile to explain his experience of memories. He stops when he realizes that many of the terms have no meaning to Jonas whatsoever; because of the nature of their community, those terms have been stripped from the existence of ordinary citizens. Thus, the Giver first decides to transmit a new experience: snow.

This is how chapter 11 begins. He first experiences the concept of snow, which feels like pinpricks but without pain, before he can label it. As he sits atop a "mound," he realizes that he sits on an object known as a sled. And suddenly his "new consciousness" realizes that the "mound" is actually called a hill. As the sled begins traveling downhill, Jonas understands that it is able to do so because of the objects called runners that are underneath it.

Jonas continues until he perceives a new concept: the hill begins to flatten . As the sled slows, Jonas doesn't want the experience to end. His consciousness returns to the Giver, and Jonas is...

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