In "In another country",symbolic soldier' fate:A man must not marry,speak grammatically,the medals.To what extent do you agree with the viewpoint?  

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is easy to agree with the major under his circumstances. He is a man who is always in control, and suddenly saw himself in a situation where he had lost control, and his hand as a result of it. He does not trust the machines meant to cure him, which is a sign that he is lost and confused as to what happened and how he ended up in that situation. Additionally, he finds out that his young and healthy wife has died suddenly of pneumonia.

For him to say that a man should not marry, or do grammar properly is another way of saying that men should not risk placing himself in situations where he might lose control. If you marry, your marriage's fate is dependent on your spouse- you are no longer in control; If you are known to have perfect grammar you put yourself in a situation where, if you mess up, you'd lose control. The major was a control freak and was suddenly losing it. He said that because it was his self-made "formula" to avoid losing control. It is not a real formula, but it makes him believe it works.

This is basically the gist of what the major states, and it is understandable for a man who made himself into a war hero, a major, and a survivor suddenly sees the world around him fall apart.

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