In Animal Farm, what three important changes have occurred on Animal Farm after Snowball leaves?

In Animal Farm, after Snowball is driven off the farm, Napoleon sets about creating a totalitarian state. Among the changes that will ensue after this moment, Orwell describes the new regime actively manipulating memory, history, and truth and supporting its power through the use of brutal suppression. Meanwhile, living conditions on the farm plummet, as life becomes increasingly miserable for the animals, providing a grim contrast to the early promise of the rebellion.

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Snowball's departure represents a dramatic shift in power, as Napoleon begins to set up a totalitarian dictatorship based in manipulation and the brutal use of suppression. In certain respects, I think this should be understood more as an evolution than a complete break, given that (even from the earliest period of Animal Farm's history), one does get the sense that the pigs have set up the equivalent of a single party state, utilizing propaganda and manipulation to maintain their own special status over the other animals. The ending of chapter 2, with the disappearance of the milk and the pig's later use of propaganda to defend this action, illustrates this inequality that had already been present from early on.

With Napoleon's ascension, however, power becomes founded in the use of force and brutal suppression in a way not previously seen. Consider how Snowball is driven off the farm. When Napoleon fails to defeat him in rhetoric , he uses violence, ordering the dogs to attack, as Snowball...

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