In Animal Farm, what happens during the battle of the windmill?

During the Battle of the Windmill, a group of armed men led by Mr. Frederick attack the farm in an attempt to gain full control of the pastures. The men blow up the windmill, and the animals respond by attacking the invaders. Eventually, they succeed in driving the men from the farm.

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Author and socialist George Orwell (1903-1950) wrote the satiric novel Animal Farm after serving with the loyalist forces during the Spanish Civil War. While in Spain, he witnessed the abuses of communism and became strongly opposed to any form of totalitarianism. Orwell’s inspiration for Animal Farm emanates from events during the Russian Revolution when the peasant population rose up against the monarchy in favor of socialism. The resulting political system was intended to share property, land, and capital among the people on an equal basis. As history records, the experiment in Russia moved instead toward communism under Joseph Stalin who formed a dictatorship, which controlled all political, economic, and social activity.

Orwell intends through his novel to destroy the idea of communism as a perfect society and demonstrate how human beings have the ability for selfish reasons to seize power through corruption. He shows his readers the truth about the exploitation of people by...

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