In Animal Farm, what does the song "Beasts of England" symbolize?

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The song is both a battle cry for the rebellion on Manor Farm and an anthem that helps the animals keep the spirit of the rebellion alive in their hearts.  After Manor Farm becomes Animal Farm, the feeling among the animals is that things will be better now that they are ruling themselves.  They are no longer under the rule of the humans who has taken us for granted.  The beasts of England are the humans who have abused the animals.

When the animals successfully defend the farm against the humans in the Battle of Cowshed, the song is even more important to the animals. 

"News of the Rebellion at Animal Farmbegins to spread, and animals across the countryside are singing "Beasts of England." The neighboring farmers, led by Mr. Pilkington of Foxwood and Mr. Frederick of Pinchfield Farm, attempt to retake Animal Farm by force."

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