In Animal Farm, how does the original version of animalism become the slogan "four legs good two legs bad"? Do the animal rule with simple language? What kind of language do the pigs use?

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After the pigs realize that many of the animals can't read or remember the Seven Commandments of Animalism that are painted on the side of the barn, they teach the animals, in particular the sheep, the slogan "four legs good, two legs bad." To the pigs, this slogan encapsulates the basic concept of Animalism. Wings count as legs, so all the animals, including the birds, are said to have four legs, in contrast to humans, who have only two legs.

The pigs do realize the other animals are not as intelligent as they are and rule them with simple language and slogans. Once the unscrupulous pigs, such as Napoleon and Squealer, realize this and are able to run Snowball off the farm, they ruthlessly twist the rules of Animalism for their own advantage, establishing a tyranny that oppresses the other animals.

If sheep represent the mass of human beings in the world, we can see that Orwell did not have a high opinion of the intelligence of the average person. He shows the importance, therefore, of more intelligent people who still have principles and integrity speaking out against lies and propaganda.

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The original 7 commandments that are painted on a sign are too difficult for most of the animals to remember, most of them can't read.  When Snowball is beginning to organize the animals into committees and the sheep are only able to learn the single line, four legs bad, two legs bad, it becomes the motto of Animal Farm, replacing the seven original commandments which eventually are distorted to serve Napoleon's agenda.

 It symbolizes who the animals should trust and not trust.  Humans, who walk on two legs are to be feared and never trusted, four legs, animals are to be trusted. 

"The animals learn to read according to their limited abilities. The sheep learn a single maxim which embodies the essential principles of Animalism: “Four legs good, two legs bad.” Once they learn it, they say it for hours."

The story is not to be misinterpreted, the animals are representative of the actors in the Russian Revolution leading up to Communist rule and the birth of the Soviet Union.  So don't think of the animals as real animals, they are representing people, for example, Snowball and Napoleon are really Leon Trotsky and Josef Stalin.  So your question about language is not really relevant in the sense of real animals, who in real life can't talk.

Orwell called the story a fairy story or fairy tale, in such types of works of literature animals and magical characters take on human characteristics.  


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