In Animal Farm, how does Napoleon control the food supply?

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Shortly after usurping power, Napoleon abolishes Sunday Meetings and presides over a committee of pigs, which make every significant policy decision on the farm. By eliminating the animals' voice in politics, Napoleon successfully consolidates power and takes control of the farm's resources. Napoleon begins to exercise his control over the farm's food supply by introducing a system of rations, which he establishes once the animals start building the windmill. Utilizing a system of rations gives Napoleon the ability to exploit the animals' labor for food. For example, Napoleon forces the animals to work "voluntarily" by threatening to withhold their food rations.

As the story progresses, Napoleon once again demonstrates his control over the food supply by withholding the hens' food rations when they refuse to donate their eggs. During their protest, nine hens starve to death before the remaining hens capitulate. Conditions on the farm continue to worsen under Napoleon's leadership, and he...

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