In Animal Farm, how are the leadership styles of Napoleon and Snowball different?

In Animal Farm, Snowball's style of leadership is persuasive and inclusive. He uses his eloquence and intellectual brilliance to inspire the animals. Napoleon is more aloof and authoritarian. He delegates tasks, leaving the dogs to terrorize the animals and Squealer to spread propaganda.

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The leadership styles of Snowball and Napoleon are shaped by their very different personalities. When Orwell first introduces Snowball, he remarks that the young boar is "a more vivacious pig than Napoleon, quicker in speech and more inventive." These qualities allow Snowball to cultivate a persuasive and inclusive style of leadership. Snowball uses his rhetorical and intellectual talents to inspire the other animals, painting a glowing picture of a future in which the windmill has lifted them out of drudgery. He is democratic not only by disposition and philosophy but because his talents are well-adapted to this style of leadership.

Napoleon is less intelligent than Snowball and far less eloquent. His style of leadership is more aloof and authoritarian and is always backed up with force from the dogs, who allow him to carry off his coup in the first place. Napoleon does not have Snowball's vision, but he is more practical and is a clear strategic thinker. His leadership relies heavily on...

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