In "And of Clay Are We Created", what is the relationship between Rolf and Azucena? What do they give to each other? What kind of love do they share?

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In Allende's short story "And of Clay Are We Created," Rolf Carlé is portrayed as a dedicated reporter who is one of the first to arrive on the scene following the earthquake. Rolf Carlé discovers a thirteen-year-old girl named Azucena stuck in the quagmire and remains by her side for three consecutive days. The narrator watches on television as Rolf attempts to rescue Azucena from the mud but is unable to do so. As Rolf exhausts his resources, he does his best to console Azucena by telling her his personal adventure stories to take her mind off the pain. As time passes, Rolf becomes exhausted and Azucena's hopeless situation begins to take an emotional toll on him. Rolf forgets that he is reporting and becomes consumed with Azucena's tragic fate. Azucena teaches Rolf how to pray and listens to his stories as they patiently wait for a water pump. In the middle of the tragic situation, Azucena provides Rolf with the opportunity to confront his past and face his demons. Allende writes,

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