In "And of Clay Are We Created," what is the relationship between Rolf Carlé and the narrator?

In “And of Clay We Are Created,” the relationship between Rolf Carle and the narrator is that of lovers. Both are journalists, and yet they are physically and emotionally separated by the mudslide accident that tragically claims the life of a little girl.

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The narrator in this story is Rolf Carlé's lover. She is miles away while Rolf is attempting to calm and comfort the young woman who has become stuck in a mudpit in the aftermath of an earthquake. However, she does her best to provide support by being with him in spirit and attempting to leverage her contacts to have help sent to the site.

While Rolf stays at Azucena's side, Eva Luna supports them in every way that she can from a distance. She tries unsuccessfully to get a pump sent to the site, and shows her love ahd compassion by trying to help Rolf through her "force of mind."

Eva Luna watches for three days and three nights as Rolf holds his vigil at Azucena's side. At the point when Rolf and Azucena have to accept that they cannot change anything, and that Azucena will die, Eva Luna mourns with them from across the distance.

It seems inevitable that Rolf enduring this trauma will create an emotional gap between Rolf and Eva, because much as she supports him, he must endure the...

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