In An Enemy of the People, what dramatic reversal takes place in act 3?

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The shocking turn of events in the third act of "An Enemy of the People" is the realization that the mayor and press don't care about the adverse of effects of the tannery, as long as they continue to make profit and don't have to spend money. When it is revealed that, not only will the town have to pay for the appropriate updates to fix the issues the tannery is causing, they will also have to close the baths for up to two years. Doing so would be a significant amount of money from the town's purse, and they are unwilling to oblige.

The shock comes when, having told the Mayor, his brother, the results of is research, Dr. Stockmann learns that his paper is being stonewalled and kept out of the press so the government won't have to pay for the fixes. Additionally, he is being blacklisted and the press is being turned against him so he will lose his credibility.

In 1882, Henrik Ibsen wrote An Enemy of the People as a denunciation of collectivism. It concerns problems with the...

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