Almanac of the Dead Questions and Answers
by Leslie Marmon Silko

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In Almanac of the Dead, what is Sterling's background, and what is the significance of his fascination with Geronimo and the Wild West?

Sterling is a Native American man from the Laguna tribe who was banished from his community in his early twenties and now wanders the American Southwest. His fascination with Geronimo and the Wild West shows that he has become cut off from his heritage. In order to fill the void, he has immersed himself in the dominant white culture and its inaccurate depictions of Native American life.

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Sterling is a Native American who, like many other characters in the book, has left his indigenous heritage behind and submerged himself in white culture. An older Indian from the Laguna tribe, Sterling was expelled from his community for failing to protect his people from a film crew that trespassed on their native lands. Ever since he was in his twenties, he's wandered across the length and breadth of the American Southwest, never really settling down for any length of time and becoming ever more separated from his native culture.

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