In Adam of the Road, who gives advice to Adam?

A friendly pilgrim who Adam meets in Stranger's Hall gives him advice, as does a red-bearded man, also at Stranger's Hall.

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In chapter 15 of Adam of the Road, Adam is offered advice by a friendly pilgrim that he meets in Stranger's Hall, which is a lodge built for the use of pilgrims on their way to St. Swithin's shrine. He receives additional advice on how to find his father from a man who is described as having a red beard.

This pilgrim, who quickly ascertained that Adam was looking a bit lost and was looking for someone, was quick to offer his assistance. Adam tells him that he is looking for a minstrel named Roger, who is his father. The advice he gives Adam is that Stranger's Hall is the wrong place to be looking, because those who went there were invariably poor. As his father is a minstrel, which is a medieval singer or musician, the pilgrim advises Adam that his father is more than likely at the inn.

The red-bearded man provides further assistance in Adam's quest to find his father. He tells Adam to go to Giles's Hill in the morning to look for his father, as that's where all the entertainers such as minstrels go to ply their trade. Even though he has been told that Stranger's Hall is not the place to find his father, the man with the red beard advises Adam to pass the night in Stranger's Hall, where he will be comfortable and have company.

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