In act 4, scene 2, how does the change of the wedding date affect Friar Lawrence's plan? Why doesn't Juliet think about how it will affect it?

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In act four, scene one, Paris visits Friar Laurence’s cell and informs him that Lord Capulet has agreed to move the wedding to Thursday. Immediately after Paris leaves, Juliet threatens to kill herself instead of marrying Paris. In the next scene, Lord Capulet moves the wedding up to Wednesday. Since the wedding is moved up and the sleeping potion will lasts for 42 hours, Friar Laurence realizes that he needs to inform Romeo immediately about the change of plans. Friar Laurence sends another friar to deliver a letter to Romeo in Mantua explaining to him the situation and instructing him to arrive at the Capulet tomb on time. It is imperative that Romeo receives this letter so that he can rescue Juliet from the Capulet tomb before she wakes up and so he does not think that she actually dead. Juliet assumes that Friar Laurence's plan is foolproof and trusts that everything will work out. She has faith that Romeo will be there when she wakes up and does not take into consideration the fact that things might go awry.

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Friar Lawrence is thinking about he has to quickly get word to Romeo. He intends to send another friar with a message to Romeo. He knows the potion he has given to Juliet will be taken Wednesday night and that once injested it will take 42 hours for it to completely run its course.

Before the wedding between Paris and Juliet was part of any one's plans, this wouldn't have been an issue, but now, the Friar has to orchestrate the blazoning of Romeo and Juliet's marriages craftily or get Juliet the heck out of Verona.

Juliet is too immature to carefully plan through this situation. She hasn't had the experience of adult trauma. As in most life circumstances, she has had an adult to rely on. Here, because her parents have no idea about her relationships with Romeo, she relies on Friar Lawrence.

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