In act 3, scene 2, why does Macbeth not tell Lady Macbeth about his plans to murder Banquo?

Possible reasons why Macbeth does not tall Lady Macbeth about his plans to murder Banquo in act 3, scene 2 are that he worries she could not perform her role as a welcoming host if she knew, that he is trying to spare her guilt, that he does not feel he needs assistance, and that he wants to impress her by acting independently.

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In act 3, scene 2 of Shakespeare's tragedy Macbeththere are three possible reasons why Macbeth chooses not to tell Lady Macbeth of his plans to kill Banquo

The first reason is that Macbeth needs Lady Macbeth to assure Banquo that he is welcome and in no danger. Consider what he says to her in lines 30-35: 

"So shall I, love, and so, I pray, be you.

Let your remembrance Apply to Banquo; present him eminence,

Both with eye and tongue: unsafe the while that we

Must lave our honors in these flattering streams,
And make our faces vizards to our hearts,
Disguising what they are." 
Perhaps he feels that if she knew of his plans, Lady Macbeth would not be able to give a performance that would make Banquo feel that he had nothing to fear from either of them. He knows that they are in danger if anyone should begin to suspect their intentions. Consequently, in Macbeth's mind, it may be best to not involve her in his plans at this point. 
When Macbeth hints that Banquo and Fleance will soon be out...

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