In act 3, scene 2, why does Macbeth not tell Lady Macbeth about his plans to murder Banquo?

Possible reasons why Macbeth does not tall Lady Macbeth about his plans to murder Banquo in act 3, scene 2 are that he worries she could not perform her role as a welcoming host if she knew, that he is trying to spare her guilt, that he does not feel he needs assistance, and that he wants to impress her by acting independently.

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Perhaps Macbeth, in not telling his wife about his plans to murder Banquo, is simply taking Lady Macbeth's own advice to heart. Earlier on in the play, Lady Macbeth had told her husband that it was important to look like an innocent flower in order to disguise the actions of a serpent.

Lady Macbeth was referring to the murder of Duncan, but this could just as easily apply to what Macbeth has in store for Duncan. Macbeth has most probably figured out that it's much easier for his wife to give the appearance of an innocent flower if she really is innocent of what's afoot. In turn, this will lull Banquo into a false sense of security, making it easier for Macbeth to carry out the dirty deed.

One also gets the impression that Macbeth, in not revealing his murder plans to his wife, doesn't completely trust her. Although Macbeth would not be king without his wife, he's sidelined her since murdering his way to the Scottish throne. What had been the ultimate power couple has now turned into a one-man...

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