In about 20–25 words, what is the message of the book Angels and Demons by Dan Brown?

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Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons is meant to symbolize the ongoing fight between science and religion.

In the novel, prominent religious figures are kidnapped and murdered in symbolic ways (representing the natural elements, earth, water, air, and fire). This symbolism represents the ideas of natural science which, according to Dan Brown, conflict with traditional religious ideology.

At the climax of the novel, a character attempts to use antimatter to create a bomb that would destroy the Vatican while all the prominent priests and clergy are inside, effectively wiping out the Roman Catholic Church, but it is staged to make the bomber seem like a hero who is destined to become the next Pope. This is all done in an attempt to make the Catholic Church seem corrupt and deceitful by Brown, highlighting the purity and benefit of science.

Brown, an...

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