In "A Wrong Man in Worker's Paradise," why is the torrent in the workers paradise silent?

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In "A Wrong Man in Worker's Paradise," a man who's lived his whole life pursuing no useful work and impulsively following his whims, dies and goes to heaven. There, he's mistakenly placed by an angel in a worker's paradise, the very last place you'd expect to find someone who never did an honest day's work in his life.

As the name suggests, there's no time for leisure in this particular paradise. There simply isn't a moment to spare for anything other than useful toil. Straight away, the new face in heaven realizes that he doesn't fit in. As he doesn't know what hard work entails, he spends his days idling about, getting in the way of everyone else as they hustle and bustle back and forth in their eagerness not to waste a single nanosecond.

It's not just the spirits in this paradise who are constantly at work; even the natural features are too. Back on earth, a raging torrent of water would make a mighty sound indeed. But not here; not in the worker's paradise. For here the torrents remain silent, and they would not waste their energy on something as useless as singing.

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In the story "A Wrong Man in Worker's Paradise" by Rabindranath Tagore, a lazy good-for-nothing has died and gone to heaven. Due to some sort of administrative oversight on the part of an angel, he's sent to that part of heaven called the worker's paradise, where, as the name suggests, the spirits toil away all day.

It's patently obvious to the new face in heaven, who was such a lazybones when he was alive on earth, that he's been sent to the wrong place. Someone with his natural aversion to hard work of any description simply doesn't belong in a worker's paradise.

Instead of helping out the other spirits with their work, the lazy man's spirit spends all day idling around, getting in the way of everyone else as they go about their business. And it's not just the spirits who are hard at work, either; the natural features of the worker's paradise are too.

Back on earth, the gushing torrents would make quite a loud noise. But here in heaven, it's a different story. The torrents work so hard that they don't even have time to make a sound; they are completely silent as they devote all their natural energies to work.

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