In "A Worn Path," trace the obstacles faced by old Phoenix in the valley.

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In reading "A Worn Path," the reader is filled with complete disbelief that Old Phoenix is not only able to complete her journey but does so periodically and completely alone. She first makes her way though pinewoods, shooing away any rustling of animals that she hears within the shrubbery. When she comes to a hilly area, she feels as though she has "chains on her feet" because the climb is so exhausting.

At the bottom of the hill, she catches her dress on a thorn bush and becomes slightly frustrated and discouraged. She then faces her first real trial, having to cross a creek over a single log. After accomplishing this, she is so tired that she needs momentary rest and even hallucinates a small boy offering her cake. Nonetheless, she presses on.

She passes under a barbed-wire fence and through the maze of a cornfield, and soon comes to a ravine where she is menaced by a large black dog. However, a hunter helps her to chase it off, and seems to admire her.

Phoenix's greatest and most...

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