In "A Worn Path," at what obstacle does Phoenix display her tremendous skills and balance?  

In “A Worn Path,” it is at the log over the creek where Phoenix Jackson displays her tremendous skill, balance, and fortitude. Despite her frailty and her blindness, Phoenix closes her eyes, lifts her skirt, and marches determinedly to safety on the other side.

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It may not seem like much, but for a frail old lady like Phoenix, walking across a log to get to the other side of a creek is a big deal indeed. Arguably, this is the most significant object that she has to face on her way to the clinic to pick up her grandson's medication.

Due to her frailty and advanced years, it would be very easy for Phoenix to slip off the log and fall into the creek. With no one around to help, she'd surely drown in such circumstances. So Phoenix is taking a big chance with her physical safety when she waddles across the log, using her walking stick to provide some much-needed balance.

Under the circumstances, it's not surprising that Phoenix should feel such an overwhelming sense of triumph when she finally reaches the other side of the creek. This clearly indicates just how much of an obstacle the log presented and how much of a relief it is that Phoenix has managed to overcome it. That Phoenix should respond by telling herself that she's not as old as she...

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