In A Streetcar Named Desire, how is Belle Reve significant?  

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Belle Reve is the name of the former plantation where Stella and Blanche grew up in faded post-Civil War splendor (or decay, depending on your point of view). It is described as a southern mansion with tall columns. Its name means "beautiful dreams" in French.

The home is most associated with Blanche, who perceives herself as a genteel lady far superior to Stanley based on her birth and younger life on the estate. It represents a dream world Blanche has never been able to fully pull herself out of, one that has been destructive to her by preventing her from facing the reality that the old days—if they ever really existed—are long over.

Ironically, the street Stanley and Stella live on in New Orleans is called Elysium Fields, which means paradise, a name similar to the dreamlike fantasy name Belle Reve. The tiny apartment Blanche, Stanley, and Stella share, which consists of only a kitchen, a bedroom, and a bathroom, is anything but a paradise, which leads us to suspect that Belle...

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