In A Raisin in the Sun, what does the absence of the light in the Youngers' apartment signify, and why does Ruth so desperately hope for light in the new house?

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The absence of light in the Younger house makes it feel dingy and depressing, which makes the house unwelcome and sad. This is a metaphor for sadness and depression, implying that the House has no light—meaning hope or joy—in it. The Youngers know that there is no future in that house and that it is a symbol of their lackluster lives, without much hope or positivity.

The new house, they hope, will resolve those issues. The new house represents their future and the changes they’re making in their life, and by hoping it has more light, they’re hoping for a more prosperous, bright, and happy future. This would make it a more joyful, welcoming place, so they are desperately hoping for a brighter and more open life in the future.

The absence of light in the Youngers' cramped South Side apartment symbolically represents their bleak future and hopeless outlook on life. In...

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