In A Raisin in the Sun, what are the dreams of each character?

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Each character's dreams for their lives are shown through their plans for Walter Senior's life insurance payout.

His wife, Lena, wants to create a better life for her family by moving them to Clybourne Park. She believes that the $10,000 is enough to move them into a place where they will be safer and have better options. This dream also speaks to Ruth, Walter Junior's wife, because she thinks it means her son and any future children will have better lives than they have.

Beneatha, Lena and Walter Senior's daughter, wants to go to medical school. After Lena puts a down payment on the house in Clybourne Park, she intends for Beneatha to get some of the money to help fund that dream.

Walter Junior wants to open a liquor store. He thinks that doing so will give the family the money it needs to be out of poverty. He also craves the independence he would have as a business owner. He is so sure of this path that he keeps Beneatha's portion of the money and invests it in the liquor store. Both...

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