In A Doll's House, why does Torvald refers to Nora as "skylark" and "squirrel"?

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Torvald has various nicknames for Nora, many of which begin with the word “my.” As the head of the house, he has assumed complete control over not only the household but everything and everyone in it. In calling her “my sweet little skylark” and “my little squirrel,” Torvald is implying his ownership over Nora as well as her lack of maturity.

Torvald’s teasing Nora about eating sweets is actually a way of keeping her from going against his wishes. He wags a finger at her and asks if “Miss Sweet Tooth” has broken the rule and eaten sweets in town. Seeing Nora begin to get defensive, he backs down and claims he is only teasing. However, his condescending attitude is not a joke; it is a means of control. She feels compelled to sneak sweets behind his back because she does not want to upset him. She is more his child than his wife.

Torvald treats Nora as a child with no sense. He does not have a high opinion of her ability to think and in fact calls her a “little...

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