A Doll's House Questions and Answers
by Henrik Ibsen

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In A Doll's House, how did money create conflict between Nora and Torvald? How was the conflict between Nora and Krogstad rooted within money as well?

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The primary conflict between Nora and Torvald involves money and concerns Nora committing forgery behind her husband's back to acquire two hundred and fifty pounds. Early in their marriage, Torvald became extremely ill, and the doctor informed Nora that she must move him to a warmer climate in order for Torvald to regain his health. Without Torvald's knowledge, Nora borrowed the necessary two hundred and fifty pounds to move to Italy and forged her father's signature to attain the loan. Nora borrowed the money behind Torvald's back and has been steadily saving money to make her loan payments to Krogstad. At the end of the play, Torvald discovers his wife's secret and loses his temper.

The conflict between Nora and Krogstad also concerns money. When Nora's husband fires Krogstad, he becomes extremely bitter after losing his job. Krogstad then threatens Nora that he will inform her husband about her secret loan and expose her crime of forgery if she does not get his job back. Since Nora initially borrowed money from Krogstad to save her sick husband, he uses this information as leverage in an attempt to save his job.

Unfortunately, Nora cannot convince Torvald to reinstate Krogstad, and her astonishing secret is eventually revealed. Torvald severely chastises Nora for her actions, and she discovers that he never genuinely loved her in the first place, which motivates Nora to leave Torvald and experience an independent life on her own.

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