A Christmas Carol Questions and Answers
by Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol book cover
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In A Christmas Carol, how does Scrooge affect people on Christmas Day?

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First of all, Scrooge makes a young boy's day by giving him a princely sum for fetching him the largest turkey in the butcher's shop window. He tells the lad that he will give him a shilling if he comes back with the butcher and the turkey, and half a crown if he can manage it in less than five minutes.

Scrooge then goes to shock—but in the nicest possible way—the two gentlemen who'd previously asked him for a contribution to their charity fund. On Christmas Eve, Scrooge had sent the gentlemen packing with a flea in their ear after they'd asked him for a donation. However Scrooge is now a changed man, the very soul of generosity. As such, he agrees to donate a considerable sum of money to the charity fund, much to the gentlemen's utter astonishment.

Then it's off to nephew Fred's house for a spot of Christmas lunch. Fred had kindly invited Scrooge the day before, only to receive a "Bah, humbug!" for his troubles. But now, Scrooge, full of the Christmas spirit, goes round to Fred's house, ready to take up his nephew's generous offer. Fred and his wife are both absolutely astonished to see Scrooge turn up, but they are more than happy to welcome him across the threshold, and everyone has a truly wonderful time.

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