1984 Questions and Answers
by George Orwell

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In 1984, the government is using children to reinforce their political agenda. Why is the fact that they are using children significant?

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This idea refers to the Junior Spies, an organization for children tasked with reporting any cases of disobedience or disloyalty from Party members. The Junior Spies are represented here by the Parsons’ children, whom Winston meets in part 1, chapter 2.

The fact that they are using children is significant for two reasons. First, the fact that the Party would use children—the embodiment of purity and innocence—shows that it will do anything to stay in power. No matter how immoral or unethical, the Party is prepared to use any tactic to maintain its grip over the people—even if this means turning children against their parents.

Secondly, the use of children for political purposes is also significant because it demonstrates the extent of the Party’s control. Even inside the walls of one’s home, there can be no escape from the Party. Thanks to the Junior Spies, the Party sees and hears everything.

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