Is "impressed" a tone word?Is there a different example of tone that is like "impressed"?

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You could certainly use "impressed" as a tonal word because an author can present an attitude of being impressed by something or someone.  For example, Malcolm Gladwell, the author of Blink, often demonstrates an impressed tone toward the psychologists and their research that he cites in Blink.  Just keep in mind that tone is the author's or speaker's attitude not your reaction as a reader or viewer to something or someone.

Depending on the connotation of the work that you are reading, some other words that would be close in meaning to "impressed" are: "awed," "inspired," "admiring," "fawning," or "intrigued."  While these words do not have the exact meaning of "impressed," you might see one that works for specifically for the work you're reading than "impressed."