Who are the important women who influenced Odysseus during his journey in The Odyssey?

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ATHENA.  Odysseus is obviously a favorite of Athena--she treats him practically as an equal although she is well aware of his mortality. She comes to his rescue and aid on numerous occasions.

CALYPSO.   A goddess (daugher of Ajax) who resides on the island of Ogygia, Calypso becomes enamored with Odysseus, who spends seven years with her on the island. She offers him the gift of immortality; however, Zeus sends Hermes to tell her that she must free Odysseus. When he leaves, she provides him with a favorable wind for the next stage of his journey.

CIRCE.  A goddess (daughter of Helios), she also falls for Odysseus, who spends a year on her island before his men beg him to leave. She, too, wished for Odysseus to be her husband.

EURYCLEIA.  Odysseus' faithful nurse and longtime servant.

NAUSICCA.  A Phaeacian princess, she discovers Odysseus naked on the beach and gives him clothing and directions.

PENELOPE.  Odysseus' long-suffering wife remains faithful to him during his long absence, despite the numerous suitors who pressure her for her hand in marriage.

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