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What are some important quotes from chapters 13-16 in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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Aunt Alexandra shows up to live with her brother and his children in chapter 13. One of her biggest agendas is to teach Jem and Scout about their family history and how important the Finch name is to Maycomb County. In addition to this knowledge, she wants them to also learn to behave like a gentleman and a lady. She sends Atticus in to talk to the kids when her efforts don't seem to be helping them as she would like. Atticus says the following:

"Gentle breeding. . . She asked me to tell you you must try to behave like the little lady and gentleman that you are. She wants to talk to you about the family and what it's meant to Maycomb County through the years, so you'll have some idea of who you are, so you might be moved to behave accordingly" (133).

This passage is important because it is a big part of the children's life once Aunt Alexandra enters their life. There are many other discussions about "gentle breeding" and everything that goes with it throughout the book.

In chapter 14 , there is a...

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