Important QuotesWhat are some important quotes from the book Define "Normal"?

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There are a number of important quotes which highlight the theme of the book - that appearances can be deceiving.

"Let's just say that, with Jazz, there's more than meets the eye" (Antonia - Chapter 2).

"Just because I'm joking around doesn't mean I'm not serious.  Haven't you ever heard of laughing through the tears" (Jazz - Chapter 4).

"People shouldn't judge other people by the way they look" (Jazz).  "But they do.  Surprise!" (Antonia - Chapter 5).

"My body is my temple.  I can decorate it anyway I want" (Jazz).  'Don't expect anyone to worship at your altar" (Antonia - Chapter 5).

"Expression meant everything to Jazz...And Jazz's music was the way she expressed the person she was inside...passionate, strong, joyful...Whenever I was with her, she made me feel that way...Which, I suddenly realized, was why I liked being around her" (Antonia - Chapter 23).

"What you said about people watching me and not listening to the music was right...I didn't want that to happen.  Not today...But I don't think I'm sacrificing my temple.  Tomorrow it's back to worshiping at my own altar" (Jazz - Chapter 30).

"According to my father, you're the only normal friend I have" (Jazz - Chapter 30).

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