the importance of studying ict as a science student        no

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pacorz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Studying ICT, also known as Information and Communications Technology, is very valuable to scientists and to those learning about science. One of the basic premises of science is that information needs to be communicated and shared. Computer technology has made this much faster, cheaper, and easier to do.

When you are doing scientific research, it's quite common to have to organize and analyse large amounts of data. Computers can make this job much simpler and faster, and can assist us in sharing and pooling data from multiple sources, finding connections between disparate data sets, and discovering patterns that are not immediately obvious to the eye.

In areas like climate systems, ecology, and environmental sustainability, computers allow people who are working at a distance from one another to be able to share data and have immediate access to information. Geographic Information Systems, or GIS, has become another very powerful computer-based tool in these science areas, as it allows us to link data to maps and reveal patterns there as well.

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